EternityPCS.com is here to aid with all of your computer needs. We not only offer computer repair and networking but offer a few unique services that our competitors wouldn't even dream of such as:

  • Entertainment units connected to the Internet
    (Playstation, Wii, Televisions)
  • WIFI routers installed and secured
  • Smartphone App integration into network
  • Advice and training on new technology

EternityPCS.com specializes in personal and small/medium business networks


To see what EternityPCS is all about, contact us at anytime for a free quote, and let us know what type of project you have in mind. Let EternityPCS help you!

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Eternity PCS was founded by Jeremy Griffith in 2002. Jeremy, after years of employment in the IT field, had identified a need to bring higher quality, cost effective IT services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as home based businesses and networks. Our goal here at Eternity PCS is to accomplish whatever task the customer requires in a cost effective and timely manner.



Jeremy holds a B.A. in computer science, with a business concentration. He possesses more than 10 years of experience in the computer industry working as a programmer/developer/consultant. During this time, he spent over 7 years as a IT consultant helping small to medium-sized companies solve their IT problems.